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It started with a voice.  He first appeared while covering the Goapele/Soulive song "Romantic," which involves a guitar-talkbox solo.  The personality that eventually evolved from it became an alter-ego, a robot named Andromeo.  Soon after that he was featured in the original song "Huck-a-buck" in which Whitney and Andromeo are out walking around their New Orleans neighborhood in search of the Huckabuck Lady; and it was then that he really started to take shape.

Andromeo was a prototype, and like many prototypes he had some bugs that needed to be worked out.  However, it was these bugs that made him more human than all the other machines.  Later versions of this robot model incorporated a closed on-board coolant circulation system that did overheat, no longer needing the icy-cool sweetness of a huckabuck to cool off his processing unit.  Much more efficient, yes.  But like many humans, when he overheats he loses his mind - which not only opens the door to endless adventure, it makes him much more interesting in the long run.

The more we learn about our ourselves, our existence and our own planet, the more the mystery deepens.  That being said we know even less - nothing in fact - about what is really out there.  We have learned that we are neither the first (nor the last) civilization to occupy this particular blue dot in the universe; and as time and humanity progressed, some practices and beliefs fell by the wayside and some lived on.  There's no system to explain what and why, we can only hypothesize.  So wouldn't it make sense that the same phenomenon can be applied everything else that is unknown, more specifically outer space.

The Elders are an ancient race - they have existed long before Earth was a planet.  Their race survives with one purpose - to preserve, practice and protect The Funknology; saving it for only those who have been chosen to be worthy to carry on it's tradition and keep it safe from the hands of evil.  And even then it is not given, but taught, and that's when the real adventure begins.

The Funky Elders are wise and patient.  Their infinite wisdom has taught them to be calm, soothing to those they encounter.  When they come, they come bearing a great gift; otherwise you would never see them.  They fear not death, because they know that they exist solely for the sake of others.

It's hard to start a description of someone as "Spliff is the kind of friend who..." when Spliff didn't really have any friends.  An only child, he grew up on space stations out on the outer rim of his galaxy - which is literally on the other side of the universe from our own - a place where few actually live (and those few aren't the type to tend to children anyway).  Spliff's purpose is to exist, and while doing so being on the lookout for an actual purpose.  But really, Spliff is the kind of friend who is the one and only person - when all you need is that one and only person - to throw all caution to the wind and save the day.


You see, Spliff scared the hell out of his parents when he was a kid.  Not because he was always getting hurt, but because he never got hurt - even when he should.  He was the type to jump from some crazy height, sheet tied into a makeshift cape, and land with an uncanny heroic finish (when every other child in the galaxy would have broken many bones, if they survived at all).  He was fearless to begin with, and the more he went through life never experiencing any consequences, the more fearless he became.  An only child to the family who owned the whole chain of space stations all along The Rim, he also had all the coolest toys and gadgets.  So in the end, when you add a fearless, unusually talented risk-taker to a best-of-its-class, showroom-new racing ship and all the latest trends and mods, you have a winning combination for a heroic escape for certain doom.

We present to you the music, art, comedy, that has inspired us, eithier individually or as a group. Really, anything is fair game here, so check back often!

Inspirational Artwork

Poster art from Ocean's Eleven

This poster was the inspiration for the cover art of our debut album, Cop Show. Both the film and the actors in it represent a coolness and style that we love.

Cover Art from 100 Bullets

This entire comic book series is fantastic, and has a lot to do with our desicion to incude a comic book with our first CD release. 


Archer television series

It cannot be overstated how important Archer is to every single aspect of our lives.

Cop Show Theme Songs

The music that inspired In Business' epic song, Cop Show Suite
Ocean's 11 Poster.jpg