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Released May 2018

Space Story Reviews


"If any cultural capital in the world could possibly reboot the adventures of the P-Funk mothership, the Crescent City would be it. Yet this sextet, already well-known for its stage show, is reluctant to identify themselves to us lower life forms...


...this group’s cultural touchstones are all ‘70s-adjacent, from action jazz to “A New Hope” to Charlie Wilson to TV’s perennially underrated “Archer.” But it does indicate that they have excellent taste. You wouldn’t want to cruise the universe with Ed Sheeran and Post Malone, and neither would I."


-Robert Fontenot, Offbeat Magazine


"You'd have to be a stick in the mud not to get a kick out of this shameless, nerdy fun.


The mix is squeaky clean compared to the gritty abandon of standard bearers like Parliament, but you'll want to hear this record if you love funk, brass bands, or New Orleans gumbo music."


-Michael Kunz, Antigravity Magazine


"...an ambitious concept album that exceeds all expectations.  The creation is a mixture of masterful sonic landscapes, grimy unapologetic funk, and sound effects which bolster the narrative for a work that is operatic in nature.  Wailing vocals, singing guitars, psychedelic saxophones, and bold bass-playing take this album where no android has gone before."


-Josh Benitez, WHIV


"Lots of new music coming out but In Business' Space Story stands out.  This is big, loud, funny, funky and epic."


-Louisiana Music Factory


Released March 2016

Cop Show Reviews


"It’s sax powah! on this album. The funk radiates up the center from the rhythm section but spills out via the horns. Kickin’ drums, on-point bass and Whitney’s powerhouse R&B and nifty nusoul vocal throughout. But unlike some funk bands, The Business isn’t just full speed ahead and uber forte. They know how to change it up, and their command of varying tempos and especially varying dynamics is impressive. As I say on a segment in my radio show, The Fun Is In The Funk, and you certainly find that with [In] Business."


-Raymond Kent, WWOZ


"With memorable lyrics and sweet-sounding backup vocals, it's clear [In Business] is ready to make their mark on the world of funk. One listen to the CD and you can tell their sound would be much better experienced live.


...it's evident they have been using their time wisely, making a name for themselves not just in New Orleans, but in the surrounding cities and states as well."


-Ian Monroe, Offbeat Magazine


"I got [In] Business' new album Cop Show in the mail yesterday. The Business is the business. I was taken aback by how well mastered this album sounds. It is clean sounding and dirty in the right places. The centerpiece is Cop Show Suite, which felt like a mini movie clocking in at over ten minutes. "Huck-a-Buck" is my fav track on this album. "Smokin' in the House" and "Ya' Mama Got Me Thinkin'" were stand out tracks too. [In] Business - Cop Show is gumbo music. They toss in funk, soul, rock, brass, with a little reggae and rap on a few tracks, and spice it up."


-DJ Jazz One, blogspot.com

"The music is super funky and makes you want to move. The band is tight. The lead singer is a great front for the act as well. It's engaging and a real party vibe. You've also stepped up to the challenge of making it more than just a musical performance.


...the most memorable shows happen when there is something extra special happening on stage. Stepping up to make a major production out of the show can definitely be what makes a major impact on the audience. You have a fun theme that's easy to enjoy, and you turn a musical performance into a party."


-Tipitina's, Uptown New Orleans